About Shapiro Selective

Shapiro Selective is an independent small business, founded by Hannah Shapiro. We offer a sustainable curated online store providing vintage handmade and reworked pieces all under one roof, helping customers to develop their own personal style and confidence. We sell items mostly from the eras of the 90’s and y2k! We also help customers to style their items after they buy, if they’d like some suggestions of what to wear with them.


Lastly, we can do personalised style bundles for people based on the customer's specific fashion taste - creating an outfit for them for a certain amount of money depending on how many outfits and accessories they’d like. We aim to inspire people to be confident in their own unique fashion taste and to be a world of vintage for different selective fashion tastes. Selling on our website, on Depop as a verified top seller in the top 2000 out of millions of sellers on Depop since June 2021, on Finds world, and on Asos Marketplace.


Shapiro Selective is about loving and finding happiness in clothing in a way that inspires you and the world around you, creating happiness whenever you're wearing them. We love seeing how happy it makes people to have a truly unique vintage piece that they love.


Shapiro Selective is about helping to decrease your negative impact on the environment whilst allowing people to see the possibilities beyond fast fashion in terms of the different ways sustainable products can be made! You can see our different shops to see our variety of different items! You can also find us on Instagram for updates on the brand, and TikTok to see an exclusive insight into our business, the way we work and more!