Find the most frequently asked questions below.

When are the items going to be shipped? How long will it take?

Every item is usually shipped within 2 days. Delivery usually takes 2-4 days, unless First Class shipping is specified, or you have messaged us and agreed on an alternative shipping arrangement. Please see below for standard delivery prices.

Will my delivery be tracked?

Most of the larger items and high-value items are tracked. Smaller items are not always tracked. In the product description, it will say whether delivery will be tracked or not.

Is international shipping available?

We ship both locally and internationally from the UK. International shipping is available but there will be an extra cost. Please message us if you would like international shipping - a standard fee is provided. Please message us if you would like tracked international shipping - there will be an extra cost for this.

How long will international shipping take?

  • EU shipping is usually 4-7 days as standard.
  • Tracked EU shipping normally takes 2-7 days but this is not guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed 24-hour or 48-hour EU shipping will usually take 2-4 days.
  • Non-EU European shipping will take approximately 7 days.
  • Shipping to North America and the rest of the world will usually take 4-8 days.

Who do you ship with?

We deliver using Hermes, Royal Mail, or FedEx, or occasionally another worldwide shipping service.

How much does delivery cost?

  • UK Standard - £2.70
  • UK Express - £3.60
  • Europe EU - £5.00
  • Europe Non-EU - £5.00
  • North America - £11.00
  • Rest of the World - £13.00

What about customs fees or taxes for international orders?

Customs charges are not applicable. You will not be charged by customs unless there has been a mistake. If this occurs, please message us.

Is free delivery available?

For UK buyers, if you buy more than one item, you can get free shipping.

We accept secure payments for both UK & international customers via Credit Cards, Debit Cards & PayPal.

Is it possible to change my order after I have placed it?

We are not able to change your order once it has been submitted.

If you have made multiple orders and would like them to be shipped together, please message us ASAP.

Once an order has been placed, this is final and it cannot be cancelled. If there is an issue with the item, please refer to our returns policy.

If you have only received part of the whole order, or there are any problems at all with your order, please do not hesitate to message us.

Where can I track my order?

You can track your order through the tracking number provided.

As we are a small business, refunds are accepted on a case-by-case basis via email or messaging.  This policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.

You can request a return within 30 days of receiving your order.

If you think we’ve made a mistake in our description of the item, please get in touch – if we have mislabelled an item or described it incorrectly, we will be able to offer you a refund.

Please remember that vintage sizing is very different to present-day sizing. That is why we provide detailed measurements of each garment, so that you can determine whether it will fit you. We strongly advise you to check the measurements for anything you order to ensure that it will fit you. You can request a refund if you think the sizing measurements were incorrectly advertised.

Refunds are also available if the product was damaged or faulty when you received it. As these are vintage items, some small amounts of wear and tear can be expected. Any more significant faults will be included in the product description.

Please note that customers are responsible for shipping costs of returned items.

Alternatively, we can offer you store credits instead of a refund.

Any issues regarding parcel delivery or damage must be reported to us within 10 days of dispatch.

Vintage sizing is often very different to modern sizing. You may find that the original label inside a vintage garment says one size, but that we have listed it as another size.

This is because the standards for sizing have changed over the years. For instance, a garment might be a vintage size 10, but will fit like a modern size 6!

We do our best to accurately list the measurements for each garment, so please read the description carefully. We recommend that you focus on the measurements (e.g. waist, length) rather than size to determine if the garment will fit the way you want it to.

We may not be able to accept returns for garments that do not fit, unless it is clear that we did not describe the measurements accurately.

Since these are vintage items, there may be some flaws, imperfections or signs of wear. Where possible, we have tried to repair or rectify these - any remaining flaws will be detailed in the product description.

Our ratings for the condition of vintage items are as follows:

Mint Vintage Condition means the garment is as perfect and flawless as it was originally, and may even have never been worn. Garment tags may still be attached.

Near Mint Vintage Condition garments may show the lightest of wear. They will be pre-owned but like new, and may not still have tags attached.

Excellent Vintage Condition means the garment is excellent in condition and appearance for its age, with light wear as a result of having been worn. The item has been well looked after and has no noticeable flaws.

Very Good Vintage Condition means wearable with some minor flaws, such as stains, tears, or minor structural flaws. All flaws will be noted in the description or photos.

Good Vintage Condition means the item is wearable, but is no longer in pristine condition, with visible wear and tear. Remember vintage garments have been around a long time, so will have deteriorated from being worn and loved over the years. Any flaws will be detailed in the description or photos.

Any washing or care details available will be provided. As our products are vintage items, we recommend treating them with extra care, as they will be more delicate than brand new items. Depending on the item, care instructions may not always be available. Our advice is that if any items need washing, to only wash them on a low level and a low heat. Please put them in a wash bag and treat them with care. Designer items should be dry cleaned. We cannot take any responsibility for damage caused if you do not take appropriate care of your items.

Do you have a loyalty scheme?

Yes - please click on the rewards button in the bottom corner of our website.

Can a loyal customer get a discount?

Returning customers can get discounts. For more details, please message us. Anyone buying more than one item can get a discount if they message us

If your question hasn't been answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our Contact page.